A site for sore eyes – Luna website launch

A site for sore eyes – Luna website launch
April 13, 2016 Luna Studs
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Hello, 2016.

A while ago we got to chatting and realised that having the idea is great. Making the earrings is great. And don’t get us wrong, we LOVE markets and ‘real world’ things… but it’s 2016, so we’ve pulled up our technology pants and popped on our digi-hats and decided to get our website going.

We figure it’s the best way to share our beloved earrings with people right across Australia. After all, whether you’re from near or far, everyone’s earholes are the same.

Food for thought.

So we’ve (read: Chris Ebbeck Designs/mastermind web design weapon has) been creating a lovely little site for the past while. Putting up with our requests (read: demands) and crafting something we are so excited about is no mean feat, so thanks legend, from the both of us.

On this site you can read about our story, explore our products, and make the painstaking task of deciding which Luna creation is right for you – we know, we know, it can be tough ;-).

We really hope you like our site, and if you’re reading this, then we guess the it’s a-ok so far!


Kim and Bec.

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