Who we are

Late one night, after quietly soldering away in her little northern suburbs studio on the Coal Coast, Kim finally removes her goggles. She’s been building a name for herself as a local silversmith for ten years now, dabbling in the lost art of Victorian hair weaving, commission work and contemporary exhibition pieces to boot.

She rarely works late, but she’d had an idea and wanted to bring to life what she saw in her mind before it flitted out of memory.

As she sat back and looked at what she’d created, a smile crept across her face. She reached for her small mirror and popped the stud on.

Then the disc. Then the back.

And it looked great.

The new moon in the dark sky outside her workshop echoed what she was feeling. This was going to be a very exciting new phase in her silversmithing journey.

Kim’s been a busy bee ever since, handcrafting a range of earrings focused around the unique stackable stud design.

The design is modular, so that you can select different sized studs and discs, depending on your mood. There are even several different textures to choose from, and multiple ways to wear the range; giving you the opportunity to express who you are – whoever that may be today.

Endlessly resilient yet refined, Luna studs are made for every day, though they’re not your everyday earring.